Egg Tray Labeler

  • BLENZOR offers “Egg Tray Labeler” for applying the sticker labels in roll form on egg trays,standard trays, cartons etc.
  • BLENZOR's “Top Side Labeler” adapts self adhesive roll formed sticker labelling technology.
  • BLENZOR's “Top Side Horizontal Self Adhesive Sticker Labeler” works on Stepper Motor driven as well as Servo Motor driven label applying technology.


  • Match cG.M.P standard. Suitable for pharmaceutical and all other industries.
  • Material uses Frame and main components are made from SS304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum.
  • Suitable for a large of product size. Can label various kinds of products.
  • Prompt window is show automatically when wrong operation.
  • User-friendly display that everyone can operate without engineer.
  • Values of control was using well-know unit (mm sec and etc.) Not unknown unit.
  • Label Applicator uses stepper motor that accurate and stability.
  • Could use the Label Reel up to diameter 380mm. The Reminder not changes friction-pad that brings hide dust.
  • Auto-teach the label sensor.
  • Auto-set the label length.
  • Auto-set the label timing.
  • Hot Stamp Printer (stand optional) could prep-print date / batch code on the label.
  • The print direction could turn 90 without squander foil. The print position could adjustment, and the adjustment area of print position was large that was 300mm × 150mm.
  • The machine would stop labeling and alarm automatically when non-foil.
  • More specific devices/functions could be optional for production line, such as inspector, Rejecter, Container Flipper, 90 Degree Card Turner, Barcode Reader, CCD Camera and etc.

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