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Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer
Blenzor India
102 A Samruddhi,
Opp. Cosmos Bank,
D.L.Vaidya Road,
Off Ranade Road,
Dadar (W). Mumbai-400 028,
Maharashtra , India.
Mobile/Whatsapp on :
Email : info@blenzor.com
Website : www.blenzor.com
Factory I :
13 Fateh Estate, L.T.Marg,
Andheri. Mumbai 400072 INDIA.
Factory II :
I-15, DLF Industrial Area,
Phase I, Sector 32,
Faridabad, Haryana 121003
Factory III :
B-33, Madhura Estate,
Kathwada, Ahmedabad.
Gujrat 382415, INDIA

Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer

Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer  
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Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer BLENZOR offers “Tube Filling Machine” suitable operating filling, sealing a quantity of viscosity of superglue, cynoacrylate in tubes
Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer BLENZOR’s “Tube Filling Machine” adopts Digital pump base filler unit with special grade pipe.
Main Technical Details:
Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer Accuracy filling, balanced action, low buzz.
Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer Automatically finished overall process as tube supply, photoelectron register, inert gases filling (optional), material filling and sealing, batch number printing, finished products output.
Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer Adjust position outlay and position numbers video picture, quickly and accurately adjustment ( suitable for varies specification and varies product producing )
Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer Mechanical, photoelectron, electric, pheumatic intergrative controlling, reaches no tube no filling function; warning if tube error positioned or pressure too low, automatic stop machine if open the protective door.
Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer The part contact direct with superglue adopts special grade pipe. It use materials that is non-poisonous, no reaction with drug, non-corroding, no absorption from drug.
Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer Inner workshop should smears anti rust coat that withstand weak acid and weak base besides adopts austenite stainless steel. The parts with chemical treatment should have no rusteaten and no exfoliation.
Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer External surface should adopts austenite stainless steel wiredrawing board or sub-light treatment.
Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer Semi-closed outline board visible window adopts bright, static-free material as closed retaining band.
Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer Table-board adopts nodular graphite foundry iron. It takes stress relieving, annealing and natural seasoning treatment to reduce distortion after usage.
Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer Fully automatic super glue tube filler and sealer owns the advantage of smooth surface, non-dead angle, non-toxic
Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer Automatic super glue tube filler and sealer produced by our company is in compliance with GMP requirements from the process of design, manufacture, assembly, testing, as well as parts of the main materials.
Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer It owns the advantage of smooth surface, non-dead angle, non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, clean and maintain easily.
Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer Compact conformation, easy operation. glue could be injected into the plastic,aluminum tubes through the filling system smoothly and accurately.
Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer It finishes the process of filling, sealing and lot number (the date of production) printing on the aluminum tubes through the robot hands.
Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer The max production capacity reaches to 4200 per hour; the filling volume error is within ± 1%.
Industrial Catagories:
Tube Filling Machine, Fekwick tube filling machine, superglue tube filling machine, fevikwick filler, superglue filler, cyanoacrylate filler,cyanoacrylate tube filling machine.
Filling range 0.5ml-10ml in tubes, bottles
Filling accuracy ≤±1%
Working pressure 0.5-0.7MPa
Power 2KW
Production capacity 4200 Tubes/hour
Tank capacity 50Lit
Voltage 380V,415, 3 Phase, 50Hz
Current 20A
Size 900mmx600mmx1200mmLBH
Weight 600Kg
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We, Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer promise to our clients that we offer them a complete selection of their concerned goods which mainly consists of the automatic tube filling machines, automatic tube filling sealing machines and even many sorts of the machines. We have been truly able to design and develop a vast array of such machines especially by our Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer who make use of the premium quality raw materials with complete flawlessness. As a Top Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer Our services are widely incorporated into the housing of filling device as well as the syringe pump. Such products are being provided with the rotary piston which gets manufactured by involving the high-grade components. We manufacture these machines in such a way that it can easily fill maximum 50 tubes in one minute. Moreover, our Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer services are present completely with the stainless steel spring which gets attached to the most changing parts in a single tube size. The features of the Tube Filling Machines are listed as follows:

� Used for tube filling
� High speed of operation
� Can be used to fill maximum 300 ml
� Accuracy is approximately equal to +/-1%
� Height ranges from minimum 60 mm to maximum 250 mm
� the diameter may range from minimum 15 mm to maximum 60 mm
� Tube cup is designed with 304 grade of stainless steel
� Keep the product consistently in homogeneous state
� This filling station also possesses cut-off valve
� Can also get connected with the filling cylinder
� The heating station of tube filling machine has compressed with heated air
� Excess heat would be undesirable
� Pneumatic regulator regulates the air pressure
� Temperature controller should be used to control the heat

As a India's Top Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer, We promise that such products of them are highly durable as well as truly reliable. Furthermore, you can access to their products with great cost-viability.